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TAVTAD32Adapt Deck Mounted Bath FillerDownload
TAVTAD42Adapt Deck Mounted BsmDownload
TAVTAD11Adapt Basin Mixer With Click WasteDownload


UALA305Alpha Mono Basin MxrDownload
UALA315Alpha Mono Basin Eco ClickDownload
UALA301Alpha Basin TapsDownload
UALA333Alpha Bath FillerDownload
UALA334Alpha B.S.MDownload


GARC004Arch Bath Shower MixerDownload
GARC005Arch Mono Basin Mixer With Push Button WasteDownload


TAVTAM42Ashmore Bath Shower Mixer & HandsetDownload
TAVTAM32Ashmore Bath FillerDownload
TAVTAM70Ashmore Basin Taps (pair) waste not includedDownload
TAVTAM11Ashmore Basin Mixer with Click WasteDownload

Aurora Taps

TR05Aurora Mono Basin MixerDownload
TR07Aurora Mini Basin MixerDownload
TR08Aurora Tall Mono Basin MixerDownload
TR03Aurora Bath FillerDownload
TR04Aurora B.S.MDownload


UBAR305Barca Mono Basin MixerDownload
UBAR307Barca Mini Mono MixerDownload
UBAR303Barca Bath FillerDownload
UBAR304Barca B.S.MDownload

Basin Wastes

UREK305Ek305 Free Running Basin WasteDownload
UREK304C/P Minim Click Clack Un/Slot Wa91Download
UER03Slotted Presflo WasteDownload
UER02Unslotted Presflo Basin WasteDownload
URE303Basin Waste Solid PlugDownload
URE328Easy Clean Sprung WasteDownload
UREK303C/P P/But Basin Waste Slot Wa92Download

Bath Wastes

UE327E327 Easi Clean Sprung Bath WasteDownload
UE396E396 Bath WasteDownload
URE347E347 Bath Retainer Waste Was520Download
UEA318Eco Bath Pop Up WasteDownload
UEA333C/P Ext.BathDownload

Bottle Traps

UREK302Rek302 Minimalist Bottle Trap/ Bt02Download
UEK306Square Bottle TrapDownload
UEA370Standard Bottle TrapDownload


TAVTCM70Cheltenham Basin Taps (Pairs)Download
TAVTCM32Cheltenham Deck Mounted Bath FillerDownload
TAVTCM42Cheltenham Deck Mounted BsmDownload
TAVTCM11Cheltenham Basin Mixer With Click WasteDownload


TDAL08Tdal08 Dalla Tall Mono Basin EcoDownload
TDAL18Tdal18 Wall Moiunted Basin TapDownload
TDAL03Dalla Bath FillerDownload
TDAL04Dalla B.S.MDownload
TDAL02Dalla Basin TapDownload
TDAL01Dalla Bath TapDownload
TDAL07Dalla Cloakroom Mono MixerDownload
TDAL05Dalla Mono BasinDownload

Duke Taps

TDUK04Duke Bath Shower MixerDownload
TDUK03Duke Bath FillerDownload
TDUK01Duke Bath TapsDownload
TDUK02Duke Basin TapsDownload
TDUK05Duke Basin Mono MixerDownload


580001Eirline Cp Basin TapDownload
580002Eirline Cp Bath TapDownload
580005Eirline Cp Bath Shw Mxr & KitDownload
580007Eirline Mono BasinDownload

Freestanding Bath Taps

TDAL73Dalla Freestanding Bath Shower MixerDownload
TZB88Torc Freestanding Bath Shower MixerDownload
AVEC88Rydal Freestanding Bath Shower MixerDownload
ASORHD88KSorento Freestanding Bath Shower MixerDownload


GJET005Jet Mono Basin Mixer With Push Button WasteDownload


TAVTKN32Tkn32 Kinetic Bath FillerDownload
TAVTKN42Kinetic B.S.MDownload
TAVTKN62Kinetic Mini Mono No WasteDownload
TAVTKN12Kinetic Mono No WasteDownload
TAVTKN70Kinetic Basin TapsDownload
TAVTKN52Kinetic Tall MonoDownload


TKYL05Kylemore Mono Basin MixerDownload
TKYL04Kylemore Bath Shower MixerDownload
TKYL14Kylemore 3TH Basin MixerDownload
TKYL01Kylemore Bath TapsDownload
TKYL02Kylemore Basin Taps (Pair)Download


TAVTMS42Marston Bath Shower Mixer & HandsetDownload
TAVTMS32Marston Bath FillerDownload
TAVTMS70Marston Basin Taps (pair) Waste not IncludedDownload
TAVTMS11Marston Basin Mixer with Click WasteDownload

Other Wastes

UWA89Bath Filler With Sprung WasteDownload
UEA368C/P Roll Top Bath Pack LDownload
UE301Manual Bath Waste FillerDownload

Revive Taps

TAVTRV32Revive Deck Bath FillerDownload
TAVTRV42Revive Deck Bath MixerDownload
TAVTRV11Revive Mono Basin MixerDownload


AVEC05Rydal Mono Basin Incl WasteDownload
AVEC18Rydal Wall Mounted Basin MixerDownload
AVEC03Rydal Bath FillerDownload
AVEC04Rydal Bath Shower MixerDownload

SC Range

AVSC05Sc Range Mono BasinDownload
AVSC07Sc07 Mini Mono Basin MixweDownload
AVSC08Sc Range Tall Mono Mono BasinDownload
AVSC18Wall Mounted Basin MixerDownload
AVSC03Sc Range Bath FillerDownload
AVSC04Sc Range B.S.MDownload


TQ05Salto Mono Basin MixerDownload
TQ03Salto Bath FillerDownload
TQ04Salto Deck B.S.MDownload

Series P

AVP05P Series Mono Basin MixerDownload
AVP03P Series Bath FillerDownload
AVP04P Series Bath Shower MixerDownload


TSHA05Shade Basin MonoDownload
TSHA04Shade Bath Shower MixerDownload
TSHA03Shade Bath FillerDownload
TSHA08Shade Tall Basin MonoDownload
TSHA07Shade Mini Basin MonoDownload


GSLI004Slight Bath Shower MixerDownload
GSLI005Slight MonoDownload


ASBT02KSorento Bottle TrapDownload
AS001Black Bath Pop Up WasteDownload
ASORHD88KSorento Freestanding Bath Shower MixerDownload
ASORHD05KSorento Black Mono BasinDownload
ASORHD03KSorento Black Bath FillerDownload
ASORHD04KSorento Black Bath Shower MixerDownload
ASORHD18KSorento Black Wall Mouted Basin MixerDownload
AS094Black Slotted Basin WasteDownload
ASWA91KBlack Unslotted Basin WasteDownload
ASORHD08KSorento Black Tall Mono Basin (Waste Not Inlcuded)Download


TAVTTR11Tier Basin Mixer With Click WasteDownload
TAVTTR32Tier Deck Mounted Bath FillerDownload
TAVTTR42Tier Deck Mounted BsmDownload

Time/ Traditional

UTRD005Time Traditional Mono Basin MixerDownload
UTRD003Time Traditional B.S.MDownload
UTRD001Time Traditional Basin TapsDownload
UTRD002Time Traditional Bath TapsDownload


TZB05Torc Mono Basin MixerDownload
TZB03Torc Bath FillerDownload
TZB04Torc Bath MixerDownload
TZB18Series Z Wall Bath FilleDownload
TZB19Series Z Wall Mounted B.S.MDownload

Torrian II

TORII01Torrian 2 Basin TapDownload
TORII02Torrian 2 Bath TapDownload
TORII03Torrian 2 Bath FillerDownload
TORII04Torrian 2 B.S.MDownload
TORII05Torrian 2 Mono Basin MixerDownload


TAVTVA10Varsity Basin MonoDownload
TAVTVA70Varsity Basin TapsDownload
TAVTVA32Varsity Bath FillerDownload
TAVTVA42Varsity Bath Shower MixerDownload


UV002Victorian Bath TapsDownload
UV004Victorian B.S.MDownload
UV005Victorian Mono Basin MixerDownload
UV001Victorian Basin TapsDownload


TVOI08Voici Tall Mono Basin MixerDownload
TVOI03Voici Bath FillerDownload
TVOI04Voici Bath MixerDownload
TVOI05Voici Mono Basin Mixer Incl WasteDownload